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Hey Everyone!

My name’s Laura Gentry Williams, the host of the Adopting it Forward podcast. So glad you’re here! A little about me–I’ve been married to Stan, a full-time accountant and part-time worship leader for over 34 years. We traveled a bit early in our marriage including three fabulous years in Melbourne, Australia. We finally settled in a town called Mansfield just outside Fort Worth, Texas which means we love us some heat and TexMex. We have four kids ranging in age from 33 down to 15, one was born in Texas, one born in Australia and two of whom were born in Uganda. We’ve gained two amazing sons-in-law and we’re Lolli and Poppa to two cutie grands. The most spoiled members of the household by far are our 80+ pound Goldendoodles, Gus and Coach. 

I’m an obsessive although not speedy runner, coffee drinker and firm believer that most if not all outfits should include something grey, am I right? Travel is my jam and my best vacations are spent in the great outdoors!

I’ve been a full-time PE Teacher/Coach for 31 years and podcasting since last summer. Why start this podcast on adoption? Eight years ago my husband, Stan and I officially started on our adoption journey but God placed the seed of adoption in my heart a long time ago. As Stan and I started our process we shared our ups and downs with a growing amount of friends and an already large family! Soon we realized during the 10ish month process that we couldn’t keep all God was doing to ourselves. After we said “yes” so many crazy things happened and we became more and more aware this story was much bigger than us and our little scope of influence. Like all of you, I have a story. Each story is unique. For those of us who are believers in the saving grace of Jesus, adoption is a glaring visual of all God has done for us in sending his son, Jesus and adopting us into his family to be heirs in His kingdom. As I’ve been privileged to interview so many families I’m amazed at how creative our God is! Please join me as I facilitate the telling of God’s stories. Also, as we parent it’s my challenge NOT to take ourselves so seriously–Don’t Take Yourself So Seriously–DTYSS! Send us your “ditees” and let’s laugh. Grab some silly string, hide that rubber snake, and let’s get them laughing! 

Let’s Raise Em Right!

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